Covid 19



We At Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms Have Always Been Dedicated To Providing An Educational, Clean, Safe & Fun Play Experience For All Of The Family To Enjoy.

In The Wake Of Covid 19, We Continue To Take All Measures To Ensure That Our Standards Never Drop Thus Playing Our Part For The Safety Of All Of Us.

We Appreciate Your Understanding & Co-Operation With All Of The Measures Below Which Takes Into Account All Up To Date Government/Health Advice.

Playing Our Part

Set 4 x  1.5 Hour Play Experiences Daily

Strictly Pre Booking Only

Online Pre Booking Available @ (Book Now/Purchase Link Above)

A Maximum Of Only 7 Households Allowed For Each Educational Play Experience Thus Ensuring Separate Socially Distanced/Screen Protected Seating For Each & Every Household

Private Bookings Of Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms Available

“Little Heroes” Distance Markers On Arrival As Well As Child Friendly Covid 19 Notices Throughout

Temperature Checks Prior To Admission

Bags Provided For Shoes Upon Admission

(N.B All Of Our Team Wear Shoes Specifically For Use Only In Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms & These Are Also Stored On Site)

Hand Sanitising Upon Admission

Every Themed Play Room Experience Is Greater Than 2 Metre Social Distancing Advice

Cough & Sneeze Protected Café Area, Booths & Bench Seating

Additional “Family” Seating

6 x Hand Sanitising Stations Throughout Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms

Contactless Payment System Available For All Amounts/Purchases (Cash Option Also Available – However, Contactless Payments Are Preferred)

Regular Cleaning Procedures Including 30 Minutes In Between Each & Every Play Experience

Full Fogger Machine Sanitisation Of All Areas & All Play Equipment & Toys Up To 4 Times Daily (Before Each & Every Play Experience)

New Play Experiences Including Our Sensory Wall, Sensory Walk, Padded Firestation, Speedway, Duck Pond & Bus Station

Playing Your Part

Whilst We Are Providing An Educational Play Experience For Children Along With Their Parents/Guardians Responsible For Their Care, We Do Advise & Kindly Insist That:

You Do Not Attend If You Are Showing Any Symptoms Of Covid 19 Or Are Awaiting Test Results Or Are Currently Expected To Restrict Your Movements In Line With Any Government / Health Guidelines

If You Have Travelled Outside Of Ireland In The Last 14 Days, Please Discuss This With Us Directly Prior To Booking Or Attending Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms

You Do Not Bring Any Outside Food / Drink / Toys Into Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms

You Store Shoes In Bags Provided On Admission & Everyone Attending Our Play Experiences Wears Socks Only (Socks Are Available To Purchase Should You Not Have Any With You)

Adults Take Responsibility For The Children In Their Care

Whilst Screen Protected Booths/Bench Seating Along With Family Tables Are Available To Enjoy Our Full Barista Service & Snack Station, Adults & Teenagers Age 13 Years Or Over Must Wear Face Masks When Outside Of These Areas. (Available To Purchase Should You Forget Your Own)

You Adhere To All Government/Health Advice Including Social Distancing

Your Family Fully Avail Of Your Allocated Socially Distanced / Screen Protected Seating Area As This Allows All Families To Sit Safely Apart In Line With Current Government Advice

You Practice Full Hand & Respiratory Hygiene At All Times

You Sanitise Hands Prior To And After Using Play Equipment

You Tidy As You Go

Adults Accompany Children In Their Care To The Bathroom (Controlled By Adult Buzzer Entry)

No Playtown Tullamore Costumes Or Toys To Be Worn / Brought Into Bathrooms

You Adhere To All Of Our Teams Requests

Everyone Remembers That It Is Each Individuals Responsibility To Play Their Part In Ensuring Playtown Tullamore & The ICE Rooms Remain A Clean, Safe & Fun Environment For All To Experience

We Welcome Your Feedback/Suggestions At All Times

Enquiries / Feedback